Brand Persona

Does writing about your brand feel like a chore? Are you fuzzy on what makes your business unique? Are you worried your website copy is generic or sparse? 

A brand persona is a deep dive into what makes your company and services one of a kind. But when you are living your brand every day, it’s tough to put all that on paper. With my outside perspective, I can help you take ownership of your brand and its marketing.

Who Needs This

A brand persona is beneficial at any stage of business development
but is especially useful for:

  • New companies entering the marketplace
  • Existing companies that are pivoting in a different direction
  • Established businesses that want to realign their messaging
  • Solopreneurs who struggle with promoting themselves
  • A product or service that needs to stand out from competitors
Brand Persona Capture

The Process

1) Marketing Assessment: I start by assessing your entire marketing presence (website, social media + sales materials). 

2) The Interview: We work together to verbalize the essence of your company during a guided discussion. We review unique qualities, the value of your deliverables, and current brand likes and dislikes.

3) Findings: Observations from the interview and marketing assessment are presented in a second meeting. Includes a summary of your brand identity, a catalog of strengths and weaknesses, and marketing opportunities.

4) About Copy: You receive three distinct versions of your company story to post on your website and two social media profiles.

Tiered Pricing

Packages for solopreneurs, established businesses, national corporations, and sub-brands.


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