Journalist | College Teacher | Architecture Junkie | Magazine Editor

I have always had a desire to educate through the written word. Before becoming a solopreneur, I worked at a national trade magazine for six years and continue today as a freelance reporter (read my recent articles). I have also been a college composition teacher for nearly 15 years. These twin vocations share the same goal – use writing to increase knowledge.

The name Herringbone Freelance is a tribute to my love of architecture. Herringbone is a geometric tile design used to create intricate floors and walls. This pattern requires precision and finesse – exactly how I approach content marketing.

When I’m not a wordsmith, I’m an avid cook, intrepid explorer of Iowa’s nature areas, champion of historic building preservation (read my blog), lover of classic movies, tea drinker, and book lover.

If you’ve been looking for a content marketing expert with a nerdy mind, please contact me at

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