I was fascinated by buildings even as a child.

My hometown of Clear Lake–Mason City, Iowa is steeped in an eclectic mix of architecture: Victorian mansions, 1920s lakefront cottages, a historic district of Prairie School homes, the 1948 Surf Ballroom, and the last standing Frank Lloyd Wright hotel in the world.

This curiosity about architecture is my foundation for writing about the buildings industry. If a product, system, or technology is used inside a commercial building, I have written about it. As a freelance engineering writer, I translate highly technical information into authoritative marketing collateral. My clients are companies who are driving meaningful change in our communities through the built environment.

The AEC industry influences everything from human behavior and urban planning to sustainability and global economies – but that’s a complex story to tell. My industry knowledge will help your company highlight the innovative ways your products are shaping the world. I have the time and experience to interview your thought leaders and turn their insights into long-format marketing. My work has supported brands like Samsung HVAC, American Standard, and Ingredion as well as magazines such as BUILDINGS and Workplaces.

The name Herringbone Freelance is a tribute to my love of architecture. Herringbone is a geometric tile design used to create decorative floors and walls. This precision pattern requires careful alignment and a steady hand – which is exactly how I approach writing.

When I’m not wordsmithing, I’m an avid cook, intrepid explorer of Iowa’s nature areas, dedicated diary chronicler, nostalgic lover of classic movies, and tea-drinking bibliophile.

If you’ve been looking for an engineering writer with journalist chops and a nerdy mind, please contact me at herringbonefreelance@gmail.com.

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