• Jennie is the first person I call when I have a writing-related need for one of my companies. She has helped me with a wide range of writing, including press releases, ghostwriting, and book management. There are very few people I would allow to write in my voice but she nails it every time. Jennie is one of my secret weapons.

    Steve Shriver
    Steve Shriver Founder and CEO, Eco Lips
  • Herringbone Freelance went over and beyond by developing and presenting content to meet our demanding scope of work. Jennie is a joy to work with and is exceptionally creative, articulate and professional!

    Julie Fagle
    Julie Fagle Government Contracting Specialist with Iowa State University
  • Jennie is a wordsmith, an intrepid researcher, a thought leader, a great conversationalist and an editorial rockstar. How does she do it all so effortlessly? If I knew, I wouldn't have to hire her so often.

    Adam Moore
    Adam Moore Managing Editor, Corridor Business Journal
  • Jennie was amazing to work with and the content she created for my company website was exceptional.

    Robert Duryea
    Robert Duryea President at 3Ds Consulting
  • Jennie is great to collaborate with for marketing content! She’s never afraid to interject her expertise when needed and is very professional. Not to mention she does great work and takes a huge amount off of our plates each month!

    Emily Carlson
    Emily Carlson Chief Creative Strategist at Zero Fox Creative
  • Jennie created several marketing pieces for a trade show that were fantastic! I more than doubled the number of leads over the previous year, and I heard several nice comments about the flyers and postcards.

    Ed Leighton-Dick
    Ed Leighton-Dick President of Kingfisher Technologies
  • Jennie is not only a great writer, but a business and marketing strategist. She can leverage your unique business attributes while also understanding your customers' pain points to tell an approachable story about your work. When used effectively, these well-told stories can lead to results ... I have seen it first hand!

    Joshua McNary
    Joshua McNary Marketing Technologist & Founder, McNary Marketing & Design
  • Jennie is a consummate professional and an excellent writer. I asked her to work on a lengthy historical project because of her efficient research methods, attention to accuracy and detail, and athletic writing style. Every word she selects is intentional, resulting in communication that has clarity, purpose, and fluid readability. I look forward to working with her on many more projects in the future.

    LeeAnn Eddins
    LeeAnn Eddins Owner and Art Director, LA.Eddins Design
  • Jennie Morton is a breeze to work with on projects big and small. She is smart, easily hits deadlines and understands a broad range of topics that would make an "average" journalist's head spin. When editing her copy, I often find myself saying, "I wish I could write like that."

    Rob Kirkbride
    Rob Kirkbride Editor in Chief, Bellow Press

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